Hooded Towel Flower Bath Towels for Children and Adults

  • $ 40.00

Custom hooded towels combine children's towels, bath towels, beach towels with fun animal, dinosaur and monster features to create the perfect gift that's both unique and useful. Bath time is fun and now getting dry can be fun too! Handmade from full-size standard bath towels, these hooded animal towels are large enough for all ages — babies, infants, toddlers, children, and adults. Plus they're made from 100% cotton giving them a much higher quality look and feel than microfiber.

  • ULTRA SOFT AND SUPERIOR ABSORBENCY — Made from premium 100% cotton terry towel material, these hooded character towels are fluffy soft, thick and luxurious giving them a high quality look and feel compared to most other thin microfiber towels.
  • FULL-SIZE STANDARD BATH TOWELS PERFECT FOR BABY, TODDLER, CHILD OR ADULT — Unlike other kids bath towels, Knotty Kid's hooded pals are made from standard 27" x 52" standard bath towels, perfect for all ages and sizes.
  • UNIQUE FEATURES AND DETAILED DESIGNS — Beaded eye buttons, pink fleece cheeks, adorable noses and beaks, playful spikes and teeth, adorable ears, and lady bug buttons on soft flower petals are just a few features that have been carefully added giving each towel a uniquely personal, characterized design.
  • PREMIUM DURABILITY AND HAND-MADE QUALITY — With reinforced hems and careful attention to detail, each hooded towel is beautifully made and extremely durable.
  • NEATLY PACKAGED MAKING THE PERFECT GIFT — Each Knotty Kid towel is tightly rolled, tucked, secured with a large ribbon bow making it perfect gift.

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