Childrens Fairy Princess Box with Dress Up Feather Boa, Gloves, Tiara, Tutu, Ring, and Magic Mirror in Adorable Suitcase Gift Box

  • $ 60.00

Each little girl is already a princess, but she’ll really feel like one with this Knotty Kid costume box! Whether she’s busy with royal subjects or prefers kissing frogs, this princess box will reaffirm her status at the top. For the fairest of them all, this princess box is perfect for the most majestic royal highness!

Collection includes:

  • Light pink feather boa
  • Silk gloves with pearl bow*
  • Sparkle tutu*
  • Royal tiara*
  • Magic hand-held mirror*
  • Jewel ring*

Great for children of all ages.

Costume box comes already packaged and ready to gift in a neatly designed paper box with nylon rope carrying handles and a uniquely designed postcard-size hangtag.

*Colors may vary for items indicated.

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