Kids Superhero Utility Tool Belt with Slingshot and Accessories

  • $ 60.00

These fully loaded Knotty Kid superhero belts are the ultimate accessory for hours of fun! Insert your own toys or play with the 7 accessories included!

  • Adjustable nylon belt with plastic clasp
  • Yellow felt star buckle
  • Small and large elastic loops for carrying all kinds of equipment
  • Great for boys or girls, ages 4 through 10 (depending on size)

  • Carabiner bungee rope with 2 clips
  • Wooden slingshot launcher
  • Laser pointer with 3 light functions: red laser, blue LED, white light
  • Extendable spy mirror
  • Clip-on compass
  • Reflector light with 3 flash settings
  • Mini tape measure

Every Knotty Kid needs a superhero cape... but when they already have one (or two or three), get them a superhero belt! 

*Colors may vary for the following accessories: laser pointer, compass, reflector light, tape measure.

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