Childrens Little Lady Tea Party Costume Box with Dress Up Hat, Feather Fan, Gloves, Pearl Necklace, Fur Shawl, and Lipstick Pen in Adorable Suitcase Gift Box

  • $ 60.00

Whether she’s classy or sassy, this Knotty Kid Little Lady Costume Box makes the perfect dress-up gift. Collection includes:
  • Sun hat
  • Faux fur shaw
  • Feather fan
  • White gloves
  • Children’s pearl necklace
  • Pretend lipstick (pen)

Time to take tea parties to a new level!

*Hat, fan and lipstick colors are available in purple, pink or blue.

Great for children of all ages.

Costume box comes already packaged and ready to gift in a neatly designed paper box with nylon rope carrying handles and a uniquely designed postcard-size hangtag (image shown).

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