Childrens Unicorn Costume Box with Dress Up Unicorn Tail, Headband, Wings, Furry Leg Warmers, and Tutu in Adorable Suitcase Gift Box

  • $ 60.00

With a little imagination, a pinch of magic, and this Knotty Kid Unicorn Costume Box, dreams come to life and unicorns run wild!

Collection includes:
  • Shiny gold plush wings with comfortable elastic shoulder straps
  • Rainbow tutu with soft, satin waistband
  • Unicorn headband with matching gold horn, ears, and flowers
  • Set of white faux-fur leg warmers
  • Unicorn tail with elastic waistband and pink satin bow

Perfect for children ages 2 - 6.

Costume box comes beautifully packaged and ready to gift in a neatly designed paper box with nylon rope carrying handle.

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